Visit the Portal (
Click on Accommodation
ND I and HND I are to login with their REGISTRATION No or FORM No
ND II and HND II are to login with their school REGISTRATION No
Then enter School fee teller number and Level to proceed
If there are spaces still available then book a space by completing the form. On completion, you will be generated RRR NUMBER which confirms that you have successfully booked a room in the selected hostel.
Print out your data and go to ANY BANK not later than 5 WORKING DAYS to pay ACCOMMODATION FEE.
Failure to pay within 5 working days, your booking will be cancelled and your room will be placed vacant.
Go to any café to validate the RRR NUMBER by Uploading your Passport
Upload your Passport and print two (2) copies of your allocation slip to know your Hostel Name, Bed-space and Room Number.
Go to Student Affairs Directorate for documentation and take a copy of the allocation slip to the hostel supervisor for check-in.
Registration Date will be announced soon .

Print registration guide